Sunday, October 09, 2005

pixel patterns

A lover's one who must drink, day and night,

To tear off reason's veil and his own shame.

Mind, body, heart, or soul cannot be part

Of one who is, with love, one and the same.

#757: From Rumi's Kolliyaat-e Shams-e Tabrizi

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I have been feeling scattered of late, my energies and time dissipated in this and that activity, with no central purpose to it all. I seek to meditate on "one" to bring it all together. We do divide up our time and our lives and even our selves. We have time for work and time for rest, time for war and time for peace; we have our private and our public lives, our private and our public faces; we see our minds and bodies as separate entities, our mind and heart as opposed, our soul as even further distant from our bodies since it alone survives death and decay.

Often, when I feel scattered like this, I turn to the technique of drawing a mandala, a simple circle within a square perhaps, but filled, then, with my concerns. I try to discover the name or image of my central concern. Or I try to build up form from scattered pieces. Some of the results of this effort, carried out using the medium of pixels, can be seen at my alchemical meditations site. Shown below is a series of mandalas created during my immediate grief at the death of my cat.

I feel better now. A couple more pieces of the jigsaw puzzle have been connected.


At Tuesday, 11 October, 2005, Blogger none said...

They would make wonderful tiles. I bought some handmade ones the other weekend for $22 a piece and they were not half as intriguing. One had a penguin and a couple of others had vegetables on them. It would be cool if you could put the mini poem on the back of yours. Or maybe the enterprise aspect would destroy the pleasure of creating them for you.


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