Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

I swear on the heart that is humbled before her;

I swear on the soul that is drunk on her wine;

I swear on that moment when they saw me,

A cup in one hand, and her hand in mine.

#1042: From Rumi's Kolliyaat-e Shams-e Tabrizi

It is Easter Sunday morning and I've been surfing about a bit. I ran into a reference to the following book:

Catching the Thread

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee: Catching the Thread @

This book explores the relationships between "Sufism, Dreamwork, & Jungian Psychology" and the author is himself a "sheikh in the Naqshbandiyya-Mujaddidiyya Order of Sufism". He is well appreciated by the now elderly Jungian analyst, Robert A. Johnson, author of HE: Understanding Masculine Psychology and SHE: Understanding Feminine Psychology. So he stands firmly as an authority in both the Sufi and the Jungian camps. I'm impressed that this book is both available for sale and for free download as a pdf file. Vaughan-Lee has authored over a dozen books, a handful of which are similarly available through this page.

I've read excerpts and chapter headings and I can sense that this author does have a good grasp of the material and communicates it well. However, I've not read deeply enough into the material to see whether he has much to say about Islam itself. This remains an issue with me.

Certainly, on his website, under the "About Oneness" page, he provides a lengthy quote from Cecil Collins: The Vision of the Fool and Other Writings (a Tate Gallery publication), which includes the following key paragraph:

All real creation is personal, in art as in life. The mystery of personality is the basis of romantic art, as it is the basis of democracy. They are one. Democracy is the most difficult and most creative form of society known so far to man, difficult because creative, and romantic art is its natural expression. The creative chaos of democracy with all its weaknesses, hypocricy and injustice, is much closer to the human way of making a society then the iron prison of dictatorship states, Communist or Facist. So, the flowing empirical expression of romantic art is much nearer the actual life of the human psyche.

I have studied, deliberated and debated enough about Islam now to know that it is deeply and essentially opposed to democracy and to the creativity described by Collins. I'm not sure whether Muslims swear on the Quran in the same way that Christians swear on the Bible but if they do, then it is clear in today's quatrain where Rumi's allegiance lies. Or rather, where it fails to lie.

And yet, there is also a danger that "democracy" can become as much a catchword for imperialism, dogmatism, and even a kind of fascism (especially of the "politically correct" variety) as has "Allah". It is the "creative chaos" of democracy that needs to be defended and I really don't think that was adequately done in the case of the Danish cartoons. Like the individuals standing together behind the Guy Fawkes masks in the film "V", we all need to stand together as a solid mass defending our rights to the kind of love that Sufism speaks of. We all need to stand together and swear, like Rumi, with a cup of wine in one hand and a lover's hand in the other. And let it be real wine, literal and not allegorical, so that our intention is quite clear. And let the lover's hand include a paw or even a claw so that our humanity is wed to all life on earth.


At Monday, 17 April, 2006, Blogger rocketsbrain said...

Lose Intapundit's Army of Davids !!!

I saw your kind words of wisdom to Nargess at her blog. I posted below your comment there.

See my thought on how the Blogos can topple the Mad Mullahs of Iran so that Nargess and all Iranians can live in peace and be free and to choose their on own destiny.

Instead of it being forced on them by a group of old men who are afraid of losing power over and control of the people in the name of a supreme being.



A suggestion to all in the Blogos lets take this mission to topple the Mad Mullahs of Iran to My Space ( to unite youth of the world in this battle.

The youth at My Space can spread Narges word to their own email lists without a My Space domain address to avoid the filtering/blocking - agents/bots of the Mullahs' thought police.

The thought police will have a hard time blocking/filtering infinite web portals/IP addresses.

The truth will flow by osmosis through the void of interstitial CyberSpace.

Think chinks in the Mullahs' virtual walls as in Shakespeare's, A Midsummers Night Dream here at Act V Page 2, 2nd Prologue:

... Wall, that vile Wall which did these lovers sunder; And through Wall's chink, poor souls, they are content To whisper. ...

Lose Intapundit's Army of Davids !!!

Trust me, RBT, is no literary genius but had to memorize this prologue line as he played the Wall in a junior high play in a summer drama class.

His first and only great thespian moment.


[See link to Atlas Shrugs for hotlink refs]

At Monday, 17 April, 2006, Blogger Arizona said...

Good luck with your mission, RBT. It sounds crazy enough to receive Rumi's blessing all the way from the grave!

At Tuesday, 18 April, 2006, Blogger rocketsbrain said...

Lets hope and pray.

Spread the word if you can.

The problem with President MAD and his religious mentor, Imam Yazdi, is they are extreme cultists no different than David Koresch and the Branch Davidians (Waco, TX) and Jim Jones and the Kool-Aid bunch. They are even extreme for the other Mullahs who believe the two are consolidated their power base with their own believers. They have replaced many governmental functionaries with their own sect.

The notiable exception is this cultlike religious thinking is being fueled worldwide by extremist Shiia and Sunni petrol dollars. Each is trying to out do the other and to be the "most" pious in the true faith of Islam.

The danger President MAD presents to the world is that from his own personal frame of reference he truly believes he will be carrying out religious prophesy by nuking the Great and Little Satan. He will do this in a heartbeat if it hastens the return of the 12 Imam from the well. This is truly a rational act from his mental paradigm of the world.

Unfortunately for the rest of us who have a much different frame of reference, this SUCKS!

Like all cults deprograming will occur when alternative sources of info are available that show the leaders prophesies are flawed, wrong, or not true based on objective info.

Hence my metaphorical reference to the Shakespearian "chink" in the virtual wall the Mullahs are errecting to prevent people like Nargess from communicating with the outside world.

This is no different than Hitler and the Nazis. With the free flow of the truth there can be no more "Big Lies" and "Final Solutions" by tyrannical regimes when their lies can be pierce by the truth.


At Tuesday, 18 April, 2006, Blogger Arizona said...

I'll do whatever I can, rocket: on the one hand pray for peace, but on the other stay determined to see justice done. As I see it, it is a fight between the Israeli Jews and the ME Islamists and I'm on the side of Israel. This latest suicide bomb blast is one too many, coming as it does just after the mad president's annihilation rhetoric.


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