Thursday, March 26, 2009

quatrain 1133

Sunlight has two versions of quatrain #1133. There is a Zara Houshmand translation but I cannot find my own commentary on this.
Burning with longing fire,
wanting to sleep with my head on your doorsill,
my living is composed only of this trying
to be in your presence.

version by Coleman Barks

i seek fire
that's my longing for you
i seek a way out
that's how i'm at your door
i'm sick and tired
of being so unhappy
only you can show me
the time of my life

trans by Nader Khalili

I seek a fire to burn away love's pain,
A carpet made of the dust at your door.
I've had enough, and more, of misery.
Let me just be happy in your company.

trans by Zara Houshmand

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