Monday, January 03, 2011

the genuine article

An example of forthright talk from true bigots:
Providing an alternative to Islam

The Muslims who have abandoned Islam will need somewhere else to go. Some will abandon religion altogether and become secularists, but as most people need some sort of religious belief in their life an alternative must be provided. This means that apostates (people who have converted out of Islam) will need protection from the murderous intentions of their former co-religionists . Attempts to intimidate apostates must be treated as serious hate-crimes and punished with the utmost severity.

Of the two 'universal' religions - Buddhism and Christianity - the most suitable Islam-substitute is probably Christianity and is better fitted to Muslims' intellectual capacities than the more philosophical Buddhism. The churches must therefore be encouraged to minister to Muslims, protect apostates, and even set up covert online churches where Muslims may privately convert to Christianity without taking the risks of 'coming out' by declaring their true faith while thy are still vulnerable.

from an English Defence League Forum topic posted by Bamiyan and titled How to defeat Islam - non-violently.; Altering the spiritual and material cost/benefits of being a Muslim



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