Monday, January 03, 2011

Islamomisos and Islamofovos

Good definitions and analysis here:
Might these facts have something to do with reality? After all, "Islamophobia" means fear of Islam. This is quite different from hatred of Islam or wanting to kill Muslims. A Greek friend informs me that the word for hate in Greek is "misos." Thus, "Islamophobia" is not the same as "Islamomisos."

In fact, what we are seeing is a rational fear in the West based on events (Islamofovos, to use the Greek word) alongside the hatred of the West (Occidentomisos) in much of the Muslim-majority world.

The real concern in Europe, then, is that making Muslims feel "excluded" (that is, unhappy) is more likely the prelude to them killing you than it is to you killing them.

from Barry Rubin: What's Happening in Europe: Holland As A Case Study on Islam and Israel

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