Friday, June 29, 2012

sunlight - gazal

All that He is to me -- Ghazal 2251
excerpt (Chittick version):

When I go to a banquet at the time of joy, He is 
the saki, minstrel and cup. 
When I write letters to my friends, He is paper, 
pen, and inkwell. 
When I awaken, He is my new awareness; when 
I go to bed, He enters my dreams. 
When I seek a rhyme for my poetry, He eases 
the way for my mind. 
He stands above whatever form you can picture, 
like painter and pen. 
No matter how much higher you look, He is 
still higher than that "higher" of yours. 
Go, abandon speaking and books--much better 
it is to let Him be your book. 
Be silent! For all six directions are His light; 
and when you pass beyond the directions, He Himself is the 
I have preferred Thy Pleasure over my own; 
Thy secret is mine, so I keep it hidden. 
Marvellous sun of Tabriz! Like the sun, he is 
exceedingly worthy of himself. 



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