Wednesday, June 29, 2005

a greener tree

I've never seen a greener tree than you.

I've never seen a brighter moon than you.

I've never seen the dawn rise from the night

Or sweetness filled with more delight than you.

#1893: From Rumi's Kolliyaat-e Shams-e Tabrizi

Search words: stand, still, unmoving, steady, tree

Here in the day world we continue to await our fates. I feel like I'm standing quite still, suspended between a call to go ahead and a call to change direction. Perhaps even a call to return to where I came from. Start again, start from scratch. Like when embarked on a knitting project, sometimes one has no option but to undo all that one has done and start anew. Or plough on regardless and hope the item turns out OK.

This morning Rumi is so full of joy and appreciation, so full of superlatives. This verse could readily be turned into a pop song, celebrating the wonder of a new love. The key line for me, the one that stands out, is the third in which the dawn rises from the night. This dawn light doesn't seem to arrive to replace or vanquish the dark but to arise out of the dark. By setting up the first two images, one of a budding forth and one of the night's own sun, I get this strong impression of a dawn that buds forth from the night as if the night is the mother of the dawn.

If the night is a pointer for the unconscious, that still and silent state of pure being, then this is a reminder that this state is the mother of all others. It is out of this darkness that we are born and we return to it whenever we need renewed nurturance, renewed enlightenment, renewed creativity. The Great Mother is truly mother of All and Everything, especially the delight of new beginnings.

Another day, another adventure.


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