Thursday, September 08, 2005

expensive candy

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Hong Kong Disneyland @


At Saturday, 10 September, 2005, Blogger none said...

I love Disneyland. I love walking around on the streets and eating ice cream, or buying french fries and finding a spot in the shade to rest between rides. I have only visited the one in California about three times, but if I was in the neighborhood, I would be very tempted by the Hong Kong one. Going on a weekday when it's not too crowded is heaven. I was reading Geography of Nowhere by James Kunstler in which he criticizes the way America builds, with no character and no consideration for the humans inhabiting neighborhoods and cities; in there he mentions Disneyland as a fantasy place built in perfect proportion to give us psychological comfort and entertainment. The beauty of being able to walk everywhere is a lost pleasure in most of America.

At Saturday, 10 September, 2005, Blogger Arizona said...

I've never been to Disneyland itself, only to similar spaces set aside for entertainment. To me, they are hell when crowded but can be pleasant, as you say, on the less popular days.

Most often, when we're out in the streets, we're going somewhere and our thoughts are on our destination and what will happen there, whether it's meeting friends, shopping, working or keeping a dental appointment. Visiting a place like Disneyland takes you away from that. You can get the same weird feeling by going out for the day with no destination or purpose in mind. It's hard to get off one's butt and do it, but it's worth the effort. I try to schedule such an outing on a fortnightly basis. I just go to the usual places but with no purpose in mind. The usual places then become new places and it's a lot cheaper than a trip to Disneyland.


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