Wednesday, February 06, 2008

sheilas breeding for the jihad

Last night I succumbed to watching the much pre-publicized ABC News Special titled Jihad Sheilas. The main impression I was left with is that the two women "stars" of the show, Rabiah and Raisah, are great breeders for Islam, not only in the literal sense of making lots of Muslim babies (14 between them if I've kept count correctly) but in the metaphoric sense of inciting others to their own Islamist-inspired worldview. Here are some representative quotes [the first two from the program]:

Rabiah Hutchinson: I would defend Islam with my life, so that makes me a filthy, dirty, subhuman terrorist that deserves anything that anybody and everybody wants to do to them. Does that mean I'm going to go and lob grenades out of the bus in Lakemba? No, it doesn't.

Raisah Bint Alan Douglas: We hear a lot, "They're oppressed those poor darlings? Are you hot in there?" Well I say look, it's hotter in hell, so you know what, I'd rather wear this now and if I am a bit hot, it's hotter in hell. So I'll just do what God told me to do.

Rabiah Hutchinson: You know what's so intolerable? The lies. If they've decided we're not allowed to exist, then at least be honest about it. If they've decided we must be exterminated, don't lie about it. Don't make up all these slogans like the 'war on terror'. Just say, 'We don't like them and we're going to wipe them off the face of this earth'. [source: Sally Neighbour story]


Rabiah Hutchinson under there somewhere

Despite their defiance, both women come across as desperate attention seekers, forlorn failures in love and life, projecting the cause of every distress onto the non-Muslim "others" who persecute them. They find their paranoia reflected in the Koran into which Mohammad poured his own delusions of divine victimhood. These women were so pathetic that I was almost relieved to discover that "the enemy" has such sorry sisters among its camp followers. Glad, too, to know that ASIO keeps tabs on them.


Raisah Douglas talking of hell and hijabs

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