Thursday, June 19, 2008

bye bye Küng

“They do not recognize themselves in our picture of Islam, because they want to be loyal citizens of the Islamic religion,” says [Küng], calling for fairness in the condemnations by the West. “Those who make Islam responsible for kidnappings, suicide attacks, car bombs and beheadings carried out by a few blind extremists ought at the same time to condemn Christianity or Judaism for the barbarous maltreatment of prisoners, the air strikes and tank attacks carried out by the US Army - several 10,000 civilians have been murdered in Iraq alone - and the terrorism of the Israeli army of occupation in Palestine.”

source via dhimmiwatch

That's it for me: Hans Küng has lost any shred of respect I might have had for him. This obnoxious moral equivalence between Islamic acts of supremacist and racist terrorism and Israel's reasonable security measures, this is totally abhorrent to me. The man is mad, quite quite mad.

Here is one of the better comments from the common man at dhimmiwatch:
I have nothing but a high school diploma (which they probably gave to me out of pity), and even I can immediately see where this professor is going wrong. As Spencer said, there's no theological basis for the US Army's actions or how prisoners are treated in Guantanamo Bay. I also like how he uses the term "murder" to describe collateral damage in Iraq.




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