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if the truth be told

Two different world views
Reader comment on article: The Enemy Has a Name

Submitted by Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai (India), Jun 20, 2008 at 00:44

Dr. Pipes could be trying to pinpoint the enemy, Islamism, but would be missing the wood for the trees.

Radicals are acting like an army committed the protect the civilians, the moderates.

Both have their roles cut out. And still both are part of one society.

When the chips are down, Muslim world unites at different levels with remarkable speed and unity of mind and purpose. The more Muslim world is subjected to stress and trauma, the more it reacts out of a sense of self-preservation.

Bush's war on terror was more of an imperialist campaign to conquer the world that remained to be conquered. So there was no reason to restrict its focus to one face. For Bush, the enemy has many faces. Under the circumstance, Dr. Pipes' analysis is reduced to a narrow selfserving proposition.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


Thank you, Ghulam
Reader comment on article: The Enemy Has a Name
in response to reader comment: Two different world views

Submitted by Anne Julienne (Australia), Jun 20, 2008 at 18:12

You've expressed the truth as seen by a Muslim in a few well chosen words.

To me, as a non-Muslim, your view fails to explain sep 11 and fails to acknowledge that Bush's wars were a response to that unprovoked attack. Through incidents like the Rushdie novel and the Danish cartoons, we now know that Muslims feel threatened or "subjected to stress and trauma" at the very slightest of slights.

We in the West will not continue to tread carefully as if on egg shells. We in the West might be more capable of uniting against Islam than you give us credit for. Good clear statements disclosing the Muslim mentality are useful to us.

So, thank you for your comment.


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