Saturday, June 21, 2008

litmus test

Acceptance of Israel is an excellent litmus test but ... what to do with all of those non-Muslim mostly Leftist anti-Semites who don't pass the test either?

It's bad that most of the Muslim world is anti-Israel but it's even worse that so many in our midst are allied with them on this point. Perhaps "Islamism" is not a full enough description of the enemy after all.

For me, as a non-Jewish (and lapsed Christian) Zionist, Israel is the thing that should define us all. It is the great moral issue of our time and the great test that God (however understood) has set us. We stand or fall as a decent humanity on how we view Israel and on how much or how little we are prepared to tolerate the existential threats to her, whether they come from a mad Iranian president or a mad Jew-hater closer at hand.


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