Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wimbledon what if

The top three tennis ranks could change considerably depending on the outcome at Wimbledon in the next two weeks.

The biggest plausible change is this:
Hewitt defeats Federer and Nadal wins the tournament. Nadal then #1 on 6055 and Federer #2 on 6050.

More plausible is this:
Djokovic defeats Federer and goes on to win, defeating Nadal at the final. Federer remains #1 on 6350, Djokovic now #2 on 5910 and Nadal #3 on 5755.

Also plausible:
As above but Nadal beats Djokovic in the final. Federer remains #1 on 6350 with Nadal at #2 on 6055 and Djokovic at #3 on 5610. This would put just one tournament win between the top three players.

Djokovic could only reach the #1 ranking if he won and Federer went down in the 1st round, a highly unlikely scenario.

This narrowing of ranking points makes for an exciting Wimbledon ahead.



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